The Next Step in Dance Simulation



95,797 charts

55,241 songs

1,339 packs

717 players


Etterna boasts an advanced calculator designed to aid players in assessing the difficulty of any file before they embark on playing it. This calculator also serves the purpose of gauging your progress and positioning you in comparison to other players worldwide.

Open Source

Our game is entirely open source. Want to make changes? Feel free to do so. The open-source nature also facilitates bug discovery and feature suggestions through GitHub, thanks to the engaged community. Etterna is a fork of StepMania, a project with over 20 years of open-source history, supported by dedicated contributors and an active community.


Is a file too easy or too hard for you? In Etterna, adjusting the speed of the song and file is a breeze. Compete with other players at any rate, allowing you and your friends to battle it out on a chart even when it's slowed down to 0.7x its original speed! If the files feel too easy, crank up the speed and see if you can claim the top spot.

Cross Platform

We offer full support for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, providing you the flexibility to play wherever you feel comfortable. Whether you're using Arch btw or any other platform, you can still compete and enjoy the game seamlessly. Our active developers are ready to assist with issues on any platform, and our expansive community comprises players using various operating systems, ensuring you can easily find help if any problems arise.


One of the most significant advantages of being open source is the virtually limitless customisations available to our users. With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, you can edit your entire playfield. We have separate judgements, noteskins and themes. If there's something you desire that we don't already have, you can effortlessly create your own and share it for others to use. Etterna is supported by a robust Lua JIT interpreter, allowing users with programming experience to tailor Etterna to their specific preferences and make it do whatever they desire!

Much More...

We've only scratched the surface here. Etterna boasts numerous unique and powerful features that are nearly impossible to list comprehensively. Why not download the game, join the community, and discover them for yourself? We look forward to having you on board!